Entry 0 - An attempt at a journal-like post

December 30, 2016

Despite the lack of substantial content I've had on this site, I've been on it constantly these past weeks. I've been working up the courage to type my first blog post, as I want to upkeep this site in that respect for a while. Now that I've sat on a plastic chair and table, I'm trying to put together some form of blog post. "The hell am I supposed to write about?" I think to myself. I look out the window and think of an answer, seeing a cobalt sky meeting with the husks of orchards that surround my home on the horizon.

No wonder this part of the year is referred to as the "darker half".

Eventually, thoughts about the past year sweep across my mind, and I remember what kind of subjects I put as tags on my site:

What to do with these subjects? Where could I find my niche?

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